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How To Manage Your Blog When You Can’t Blog?

There are so many bloggers who are serious to keep their blog in good ranking and for it posting daily on their blog is such important task, but almost everyone get busy on any work and due to that they can’t done new articles on their blog and that leave a small but sometime great loss to that blog. Many peoples also get few problems due to which they can’t do posting on their blog, so in this article I’ll tell you few tips which can help you to manage your blog while you can’t blog on your blog.

Managing blog when you can’t blog:

Schedule articles:

You can schedule articles which you will post, by this way your blog can keep updated even if you are not on your home and can’t blog. Also, this is best if you are going on a holiday and from there you can’t blog, because you can write several articles and schedule them on the day basis when you want to post them. However, if your blogging CMS platform doesn’t support scheduling articles, than you can follow next tip to keep your blog alive.

Keep Drafts:

If your blogging platform don’t have scheduling article feature than still you can use Draft feature which is now available on every blogging platform. And when you want to post that you can use your phone to access your blog Dashboard and then simply post that article.

Hire anyone:

You can hire anyone, such as your any friend. Also remember that your friend has good writing skill and also can post daily until you come to start blogging. As many of peoples didn’t take care on writing skills, and hiring a friend is one of the best way as it mainly didn’t cost anything while hiring any other people has some problems such as you don’t have much info about how he/she writes and can post on daily basis and manage your blog like you.

Guest Posts:

You can also allow guest posting to get updated, and you can get many of guest posts if your blog has good Google PageRank. If you are on WordPress than you can allow peoples to register on your site and submit guest posts and then you just need to approve them on your blog and your work will be done.

Mobile Blogging:

If you can type perfectly on your mobile phone than you can do mobile blogging, however it would be good if you have smartphone with big screen for doing mobile blogging. Many of bloggers are also using their phone to write articles on their blog, and many of blogs are also famous which are updating by smartphone.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these were some tips which you can follow to manage your blog when you can’t done blogging. Recently due to power cut I was not able to done post on my blog for one day, so I think to write on the same, and I highly recommend that you keep at least 2-3 articles on Drafts so that can help you when you can’t able to done posting.

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