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How To Keep Your Blogger Blog Safe From Getting Deleted?

There are so many bloggers who are using Blogger blogging platform by Google. But many peoples also have lost their blog for various reasons, and after it they simply switched to another blogging platform. Many peoples lost their hard work and too long time ago works, while some of them lost nothing because they were actually violating Blogger’s terms and conditions.

There are some mistakes which generally bloggers did and get there blog deleted, however this problem was happened to me ones a time only and also got my blog back after requesting them about the blog, so in this article I will tell you some tips which can help you to save your Blogger blog.

Tips to keep your Blogger blog safe:

Illegal contents:

Having illegal content will surely get deleted any day, so it is always good to not to blog anything illegal because you’re whole Blogger account can delete for blogging in illegal sites. I know that there are still so many sites which provide illegal contents but not yet there blog has deleted the reason for it is simple, no one yet has reported about those sites to Blogger. Remember to never post anything illegal such as about hacking, crack software, serial keys etc. all of these are count as illegal content.


Linking to too many sites can also result as blog deletion for spam. If you are linking to so many sites than your blog can even delete the same time when you have given link to them, however sometime giving link to only one person can lead for deletion but they reinstate those blogs soon like what they did mine. So, never link to too many sites because it is not a good idea.

Also, if you are linking to sites which provide illegal contents than your blog can also delete because this is also against Blogger’s TOS.


Yes, if you put so many ads on every page or just one page than also they can think that your blog is a spam blog, so simply you will lost your blog. Putting so many ads is too bad for your search engine optimization also, so this is important to keep as high as 5 ads in the same page.

Copyright contents:

Posting contents which are not originally by you can also be a reason of getting your blog deleted. This is one of the mostly caused reason. This is strictly recommended to never copy others work because it can delete your whole blog forever, if you are copying others work than you can never get your blog back if your blog is deleted. However in case that you have copied only one article than they only delete that but still it is not good for your blog. Your Blogger account can also be suspended for doing such kind of things, so it is on you whether you want to keep your Blogger account or not. 

Virus, Malware or Spyware:

If you are tricking with your visitors by uploading virus, malware or spyware type things automatically than your blog will definitely get deleted. And also your Blogger account can also delete by doing such bad tasks. Also, if you do so and your blog also didn’t get deleted than still your blog will not get indexed by search engines or your site listing will be at too last. Also, sometime the template you are using may have the virus so always check the template you are going to try on your blog to any test blog before applying that on your real blog.

Words against any organization, person etc.:

If you are saying against any organization, people etc. than they may also be able to report about your blog and Blogger can delete your blog. So, it is always good to not to talk anyone’s against and also never use any hateful speech to keep your blog from getting deleted.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these were some tips to keep your Blogger (or BlogSpot) blog secure from getting deleted. Also, don’t ping your blog again and again because this can also make Blogger believes that your blog is spam. You can also share your views on this article and also can share some more tips to save Blogger blogs from getting deleted.

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