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How To Choose A Perfect Template For Your Blog?

Choosing a perfect template for your blog is too hard task, whether you want it for any platform such as Blogger or WordPress. Everyone like to make there blog look better and which there visitors also love, but not everyone can choose a perfect one. Also it is too important to choose a perfect template because no one likes a website which looks not good and also mainly visitors didn’t come back to such type sites, and for only that you may lost a new subscriber of your blog. So, in this article I will give you some tips to choose a perfect template for your blog.

Tips to choose a perfect template for your blog:

Good Design:

Having a good design is important; and I think you may already know it but it is important to have good design but that must match with your blog niche, just imagine a tech blog using a template for sports blog. So, always try to find a template that also suits your blog niche not just good looking template will be good.


Always choose a template which looks same in every browser. Many templates are not looks much good with old Internet Explorer browsers so try to choose a template which should compatible from IE8 to newer, so it will make you sure that other browsers will show your website good.

Responsive template:

Yes, choosing responsive template is also a good choice. Responsive sites mainly didn’t make visitors bored by scrolling because that template will fit in there computer, mobile or tablet PC’s screen, so it will lower your site’s bounce rate and also will increase your traffic. Many peoples also recommend using a responsive template, because it lowers effort while reading any article.

Optimized for search engines:

Yes, template should be optimized for search engines. Many templates are not optimized and that will affect your site’s SEO too much, even I have experienced 90% loss due to using a template which was not optimized for search engines in my old blog. Also changing template again and again also affect SEO but if the template hasn’t optimized than you will own see a great loss of traffic. So, always be sure to know about it before applying any template.

Fast & lite:

Everyone like fast websites, if any website load slowly than simply we close that and open another, and that is what your visitors can do. So, make sure that the template you are using is fast enough otherwise your site’s bounce rate will increase too high. Check your template for external links and try them, as many of links are given to slow site so that can be a reason for your site to get slow. Also if your template is too huge than that is also not a good choice to use, because that will also take huge time to load, so using a template which is lite and also faster is a good choice.

Also, if you have WordPress blog, than you can faster your blog by following this article.

Trusted Source:

The source from where you are going to download the template should be a trusted source because many of template providers put malicious codes which makes your blog slower and even can down your blog. So, read some reviews about the source before using any template from there. Also, many peoples keep ad codes in the template which can result as bad SEO because that will increase number of ads on your website if you have some.


This is optional but recommended. I highly recommend using Premium templates because many of premium templates are optimized for search engines so you don’t have to take care about that. There are many reasons to use premium templates such as those didn’t contain any malicious codes or malware (only when you legally get it), they are optimized for search engines, they have many options to optimize the template’s look etc.

I also recommend that you own create a template for your blog because that will be as your needs and also will suit your blog’s niche. You can use any framework to develop a template as that is easy for beginners and also good for professionals.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these were some tips which you should follow to choose a perfect template for your blog. Also, if you are testing every templates on your blog than it is not a good idea, better you should create another test blog where you can freely test various templates, because changing template so many times affect not only SEO but also leave bad impressions in the eyes of your visitors.

How To Keep Your Blogger Blog Safe From Getting Deleted?

There are so many bloggers who are using Blogger blogging platform by Google. But many peoples also have lost their blog for various reasons, and after it they simply switched to another blogging platform. Many peoples lost their hard work and too long time ago works, while some of them lost nothing because they were actually violating Blogger’s terms and conditions.

There are some mistakes which generally bloggers did and get there blog deleted, however this problem was happened to me ones a time only and also got my blog back after requesting them about the blog, so in this article I will tell you some tips which can help you to save your Blogger blog.

Tips to keep your Blogger blog safe:

Illegal contents:

Having illegal content will surely get deleted any day, so it is always good to not to blog anything illegal because you’re whole Blogger account can delete for blogging in illegal sites. I know that there are still so many sites which provide illegal contents but not yet there blog has deleted the reason for it is simple, no one yet has reported about those sites to Blogger. Remember to never post anything illegal such as about hacking, crack software, serial keys etc. all of these are count as illegal content.


Linking to too many sites can also result as blog deletion for spam. If you are linking to so many sites than your blog can even delete the same time when you have given link to them, however sometime giving link to only one person can lead for deletion but they reinstate those blogs soon like what they did mine. So, never link to too many sites because it is not a good idea.

Also, if you are linking to sites which provide illegal contents than your blog can also delete because this is also against Blogger’s TOS.


Yes, if you put so many ads on every page or just one page than also they can think that your blog is a spam blog, so simply you will lost your blog. Putting so many ads is too bad for your search engine optimization also, so this is important to keep as high as 5 ads in the same page.

Copyright contents:

Posting contents which are not originally by you can also be a reason of getting your blog deleted. This is one of the mostly caused reason. This is strictly recommended to never copy others work because it can delete your whole blog forever, if you are copying others work than you can never get your blog back if your blog is deleted. However in case that you have copied only one article than they only delete that but still it is not good for your blog. Your Blogger account can also be suspended for doing such kind of things, so it is on you whether you want to keep your Blogger account or not. 

Virus, Malware or Spyware:

If you are tricking with your visitors by uploading virus, malware or spyware type things automatically than your blog will definitely get deleted. And also your Blogger account can also delete by doing such bad tasks. Also, if you do so and your blog also didn’t get deleted than still your blog will not get indexed by search engines or your site listing will be at too last. Also, sometime the template you are using may have the virus so always check the template you are going to try on your blog to any test blog before applying that on your real blog.

Words against any organization, person etc.:

If you are saying against any organization, people etc. than they may also be able to report about your blog and Blogger can delete your blog. So, it is always good to not to talk anyone’s against and also never use any hateful speech to keep your blog from getting deleted.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these were some tips to keep your Blogger (or BlogSpot) blog secure from getting deleted. Also, don’t ping your blog again and again because this can also make Blogger believes that your blog is spam. You can also share your views on this article and also can share some more tips to save Blogger blogs from getting deleted.

How To Manage Your Blog When You Can’t Blog?

There are so many bloggers who are serious to keep their blog in good ranking and for it posting daily on their blog is such important task, but almost everyone get busy on any work and due to that they can’t done new articles on their blog and that leave a small but sometime great loss to that blog. Many peoples also get few problems due to which they can’t do posting on their blog, so in this article I’ll tell you few tips which can help you to manage your blog while you can’t blog on your blog.

Managing blog when you can’t blog:

Schedule articles:

You can schedule articles which you will post, by this way your blog can keep updated even if you are not on your home and can’t blog. Also, this is best if you are going on a holiday and from there you can’t blog, because you can write several articles and schedule them on the day basis when you want to post them. However, if your blogging CMS platform doesn’t support scheduling articles, than you can follow next tip to keep your blog alive.

Keep Drafts:

If your blogging platform don’t have scheduling article feature than still you can use Draft feature which is now available on every blogging platform. And when you want to post that you can use your phone to access your blog Dashboard and then simply post that article.

Hire anyone:

You can hire anyone, such as your any friend. Also remember that your friend has good writing skill and also can post daily until you come to start blogging. As many of peoples didn’t take care on writing skills, and hiring a friend is one of the best way as it mainly didn’t cost anything while hiring any other people has some problems such as you don’t have much info about how he/she writes and can post on daily basis and manage your blog like you.

Guest Posts:

You can also allow guest posting to get updated, and you can get many of guest posts if your blog has good Google PageRank. If you are on WordPress than you can allow peoples to register on your site and submit guest posts and then you just need to approve them on your blog and your work will be done.

Mobile Blogging:

If you can type perfectly on your mobile phone than you can do mobile blogging, however it would be good if you have smartphone with big screen for doing mobile blogging. Many of bloggers are also using their phone to write articles on their blog, and many of blogs are also famous which are updating by smartphone.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these were some tips which you can follow to manage your blog when you can’t done blogging. Recently due to power cut I was not able to done post on my blog for one day, so I think to write on the same, and I highly recommend that you keep at least 2-3 articles on Drafts so that can help you when you can’t able to done posting.

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Factors To Look For While Buying A Range-Finder

Priority differences:

First priority range-finders are mainly used for the golf and in these there is nothing between you and the flag. Second priority rangefinders are generally hunting range-finders and it ignores the first object in its line of view and reads the object that is at the farthest distance.


This is undoubtedly the most confusing parameter while selecting a rangefinder because the product may mention 1500 yard range but that would only be under specific conditions like clear weather. When the weather is not clear, the results may be reduced. So you need to properly check the specifications before you buy a range-finder.

Reticles and aiming points:

A reticle is basically the crosshair that you see while looking through the range-finder. Some may be illuminated (LED lights) while some may be made of black lines. It is very difficult to distinguish the black reticles during dim light whereas the LED reticles do not work so well in bright conditions. So make your choice keeping the pros and cons of both. In general, the black reticle is better and is more capable view the information in different light conditions.

Other factors:

The other factors might be the cost, your budget, whether you are looking for quality or cost. You will surely find the one that you need. All you need to do is set the correct requirements list.

Read Rangefinder Reviews To Discover The Best Models For You

Before purchasing a new rangefinder for hunting, making use of available rangefinder reviews is something that you should do, in order to ensure you do find the best product on the market. There are several features you should look for in a new rangefinder. By reading online rangefinder reviews, and by asking around, you will find the best product quality, and you will find a rangefinder that can get the job done, regardless of where you go hunting, or what conditions you go hunting in. These are some of the features to look for when you do go shopping for the new rangefinder.

Rangefinder Review's Top Attributes To Look Out For

1. Accuracy of the laser

When reading rangefinder reviews, you will learn that different models, are going to provide different levels of precision. You want the rangefinder to be able to get as close as +/- 1 or 2 yards, when measuring the time it takes for the laser to reach the location you are, to your target. The more precise the laser, and the more accurate the reading you can get, the better the hunting experience you are going to get when you do go out hunting, whether it is raining or shining outside.

2. Easy to read LCD display

Your rangefinder is going to display the range in yards or meters, when you are looking through the lens towards your target. You want that LCD display to be crystal clear, so you know exactly what you are dealing with. By reading rangefinder reviews, and by comparing several rangefinders before you choose one, you are going to get a better idea of what to look for, and how clear the rangefinder is as far as accuracy is concerned.

3. Trigger timer

With the most accurate rangefinders on the market, you will find that the process between pressing the button to generate the laser, to the time it takes to find your exact target, should only be about one second. This is for the top of the line rangefinders. This not only ensures you are getting the most precise direction and location, it also ensures you do not lose your target. When you read user rangefinder reviews by other hunters, you will get information about this, and other features, prior to choosing your new rangefinder.

4. Maximum effective range

The maximum effective range will vary from rangefinder to rangefinder. This can vary from 500 up to 1500 yards. Making use of our reviews will help you determine which rangefinders offer the most precise, and the best range. You must keep in mind that certain targets (reflective surface), can be measured at greater distances than others (soft surface). So, you have to keep this in mind when shopping for a rangefinder, and you have to know what type of surfaces you will be pointing it at, to ensure you find the best product, for the destinations you will be hunting at, and the targets you are taking aim at.

5. Model differences

Rangefinders were initially developed for rifle shooting at long distances, but many companies today have made models for bow hunting, and for use in a closer proximity. For this reason, when reading your rangefinder reviews before you purchase, you have to keep the differences in design in mind. If you want to shoot at closer range targets, you will go after the models that are designed for this; if you want to go hunting at further distances, you will choose one of the original models, designed for that specific purpose. The closer your target, the more precise you have to be; so choosing the right model is key to getting the results you want on the range.

6. Vertical vs Horizontal

When you read our reviews, you will find that certain models are designed with a vertical orientation, for one handed use, and others are horizontal, requiring both hands to operate it precisely. This is really a personal preference, but with vertical models you get a much smaller device, and it is going to be convenient if you do not want to carry too much out with you when going hunting. On the other hand, horizontal models are larger, but tend to have a longer range capability as well, so there is a trade off with each mode.

7. Your bow or rifle

Some of the newer rangefinders on the market are designed to provide accurate information that matches the performance of your bow or rifle. It does this by calculating the incline, projectile ballistics, and line of sight range to your target. This results in the most precise reading. If you choose one of these models, reading rangefinder reviews about them will help you select the right model, and the right brand rangefinder, to get the most precise information possible, based on the type of device you are using when shooting.

8. Magnification

As with any pair of binoculars, rangefinders also provide magnification when you are pointing them towards your target. 4 to 8x magnification is what most rangefinders are capable of. Higher magnification means more clarity, but the trade off is a smaller field of view, so you have to weigh these two factors when choosing. Reading rangefinder reviews about magnification, and which rangefinders provide the best magnification, without compromising on the field of view, is something you should do before you purchase.

9. Optics

This has to do with how the lens of the rangefinder is coated. Certain rangefinder reviews will describe a coated lens as being the best, while others will consider a multi-coated the best option. This is partially up to you, but there are differences in each. These are the types of lens you can purchase:

Coated = a single layer is applied to the surface of the lens.

Fully coated = All air glass surfaces are coated with a single layer.

Multi coated = Multiple layers are on at least one of the lens' surfaces; and,

Fully multi coated = Multiple layers applied to air glass surfaces. Considering each of these, and comparing the style of each, will eventually help you select the best rangefinder, and the one that is going to provide you with the best viewing capabilities when hunting.

10. The price

This should not be an indicating factor (in and of itself), but it surely has to be considered. You can expect to pay anywhere from $150, onward up to about $1,000 for a high quality, top of the line rangefinder. You will find that the more coatings that are applied, the brighter the image, and the higher the price you can expect to pay when time comes for you to purchase. The better the range, the more precise the reading, the better the timing and accuracy, and the more reliable the brand name, the more you are going to pay when you are ready to purchase. If you opt to go with the most luxurious models, rangefinder binoculars, you are going to get a clear image, and the best possible accuracy on the range, but this comes at a price, and can cost up to $3,000. These are for professional hunters, and are only if you truly want to know you will never miss your target. But, for the most part, if you do your comparison work, and read the many available rangefinder reviews, it is highly likely that you can find a quality product, somewhere in the $400 to $500 range.

Rangefinder Reviews Will Allow You To Find The Best Combination Of These Qualities For You

With so many products on the market, so many customer rangefinder reviews being available to you, and so many rangefinders to choose from, you can find great quality, and you can truly improve your accuracy on the range, when you have these tools available to you. It is important to know where to shop, and to consider the features that are most important to you personally, so that you can find quality, the best brands, and precision, for less. Visit Rangefinder Reviews the next time you need to research rangefinders.